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Still rocking in my 50s - I come from Southern Rocks capital, Jacksonville, Florida. Home of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Rossington Collins band. Also, some of the best musicians in the world!! Just do your research! I started singing and playing the guitar when I was 13. The Rossington Collins band started it all for me. Dale Krantz Rossington and the boys were the biggest influences of my life. After having children, marriage, and losing a child, my life took a turn for the worse, and I suffered through over 20 yrs of drug addiction. Beat that and got back on track for another amazing journey in my life. I have lots to write about. So buckle up, and enjoy the ride!!






Based in Jacksonville, FL
Founded in 1981
Genre: #Southern #Rock  
Label: Platinum Studio



Rhythm was my destiny. Musically inclined was my family.

That was until drugs had another plan for me.

Eager to learn, guitar came easy.

Challenging me, my dad and brother gifted their talent to me.

Barbwire was my very first band, I was only 14.

Taking me under their wing, Pegasus had my heart til the age of 19.

Now, to start a family? Let’s give it a shot.

Love, marriage… then comes the baby carriage.

The instincts were so natural, I was meant to be a mother.

My spirit was robbed from me after losing my second daughter.

Bright clouds suddenly darkened, hurricane strength winds.

Drugs took me under, the ultimate descend.

Three prison sentences just wasn’t enough.

Not even the bullet in my chest after being shot.

Beaten, battered, left for dead more than once.

Attacked by a serial killer, thugs… I was better off in cuffs.

My eyes have seen things that they’ll never unsee.

Homeless. Hopeless. Addicted to the street.

I lost my life to that place, one hit at a time.

I’m not even sure how or why I’m still alive.

20 years depleted. Finally, I’ve reached my limit.

Woke up one day to realize my life had been cheated.

By me, myself, I’m the only one to blame.

But no more, I’m done, now to live with the shame.

The monkey was gone, released from attack.

In 2012, I never looked back.

Life is but a journey. It will be what you make it.

Right path, wrong path… we choose where it takes us.

When you make a wrong turn, straight into the madness.

Don’t forget, the road to recovery always surrounds us.

I am living proof, no matter how hopeless you feel.

You can beat the odds. You, too, can heal.


Written by Petra Castillo




Platinum Studio, Charlie Ost



Debra Johnson



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